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If you want to find more work, improve your skills, and belong to a community of other freelance creatives you’ve come to the right place. The Freelance Creatives’ mission is simple: to assist you with these things both online and in-person.

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Monthly in-person Meetups in your city!

Join local freelance creatives for coffee and conversation.

Houston Freelance Creatives

Next Meetup:
May 29, 2017

Seattle Freelance Creatives

Seattle Freelance Creatives

Next Meetup:
May 15, 2017

Chicago Freelance Creatives

We're searching for a co-host in Chicago!
If interested, contact us.

Don't see a Meetup in your city?

You can help start one. Need reasons? You'll instantly be seen as a leader in your community. You'll become more attractive to clients. It's rewarding to give back to your community.

What our members are saying.

“The ability to meet other creatives and discuss challenges and struggles without judgement is imperative to a successful freelance career. Houston Freelance Creatives offers that opportunity and so much more. When I first joined the group the idea of being a freelance graphic designer seemed like a far off dream. However, the members of the group inspired me and assisted me as I eventually made a successful transition to becoming a freelancer. My success is a product of their guidance.”

Justin Lynch

Houston, TX

I’m glad I was able to be at the Meetup. Very professional, creative and friendly group. Had a lot of fun! Looking forward to the next one!

Majeak Ann

Houston, TX

Another great meeting last night. Was having a very blah Monday but talking and listening to everyone rejuvenated me. I love this group!

Barry Gremillion

Houston, TX

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