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Tax Tips and Q&As for Freelancers

February 20, 2017

2017 is underway and tax season is coming up -- what better time to have a conversation about taxes? We'll cover as much as we possibly can regarding freelancing and taxes: self-employment tax, quarterly estimated payments, itemized deductions, recordkeeping, and much more. I hope we can all learn things that we'll find useful as we prepare our 2016 taxes and as we continue our freelance operations in 2017.

We will be joined by Kim Soledad, CPA. He's prepared a brief presentation and we'll have time for Q&A afterwards. He'll stick around around if you'd like to chat with him individually, too.

About Kim Soledad, CPA
Born and raised Houstonian.  Graduated from the University of Houston in 1999 and have been in practicing tax since then.  I worked for two Houston CPA firms before starting my firm in 2010.  My primary focus is working with business owners of closely held companies and their personal taxes.  I love to consult with business owners on tax strategies that best suits each person and business. Looking forward to meeting the group.

Host: Saeid Halvaeian

Founded: February 2013

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