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Our First Meetup!
February 13, 2017

Seattle Freelance Creatives, let's do this! It's time for our first ever Meetup! No agenda or structure... Let's just get to know each other. Bring your questions, articles, stories to share, etc. I'm hoping we can share a bit about who we are & where we're from, what we're doing now, as well as some goals we have for ourselves! Just good conversation and a great time.

Reminder: I (Saeid Halvaeian) will not be in attendance! Please read this for more info about me, my story (including where I actually live), and what we're doing.

Just a heads up: February's Meetup, along with the next few Meetups, will cost nothing. In the future, our Meetups will cost $10. Thank you for being a part of Seattle Freelance Creatives!

Hosts: Sharon Saint Don, Mandy Canales, Sarah Nau

Founded: November 2016

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